At Sol y Luna, we host our guests in cozy houses made of local stone, decorated individually.

Each of these forty-three casitas is surrounded by gardens filled with flora native to the Sacred Valley and all face the Andes Mountains where the Incas believed their gods dwelled.

Within each private sanctuary, an outdoor terrace leads into the high ceilinged living space with terra cotta tile floors, Peruvian textiles and some of our favorite Sacred Valley artifacts, Spanish colonial style furniture, a plump king size bed or two double beds made with goose feather duvets and top quality Peruvian pima cotton sheets, and a spacious marble bathroom with deep soak bathtub, just as you might have at home.

And then there is the art. I met Federico several years ago and felt immediately enchanted by his brightly painted, fantastical sculptures of Andean flowers and animals. For each casita, Federico created an original wall mural inspired by the Sacred Valley of the Incas and many feature his unique three-dimensional pieces too. I watch his artwork transform guests’ faces into lasting smiles and I love how these makes people feel whenever they come upon his work around Sol y Luna.


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