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Down at the ranch – Wayra at Sol y Luna

Follow the winding, stone paths that lead through the tranquil gardens of Relais & Chateaux lodge Sol y Luna, past clouds of bougainvillea bursting from the flowerbeds. Butterflies and hummingbirds flit to and fro, their busy, silent flight accompanied only by the sounds of the bubbling, stone-lined streams.

Your destination: Wayra, home to our ranch and stables, and our relaxed, day-into-evening eatery, designed with three purposes in mind – to eat, to drink and to love.

Wayra is the Quechuan word for wind, apt indeed for this easy going space with its go-with-the-flow approach.

The restaurant at Wayra prides itself on serving wholesome and delicious local cuisine in a comfortable, colourful and welcoming setting.

The décor is bold, energizing and classically Peruvian, with imposing fireplaces, exposed stonework and homely, locally made terracotta tiles and woodcarvings produced by talented Peruvian artisan Jaime Lievana. Sculptures and murals by our gifted artist-in-residence Federico are artfully positioned around a sanctuary, creating a true feast for the senses before the food has even arrived.

Wayra radiates a vibrant energy, serving up what must surely be the best Pisco Sours in Peru alongside a nourishing, unfussy gastronomic experience.

With a host of experiences and activities on offer at Wayra, we thought we would outline just some of the things to keep you busy down at the ranch.

Andean gastronomy

Our talented team of chefs go to great lengths to create dishes using the finest, seasonal, organic ingredients, many of which are produced locally by farmers in the Sacred Valley. Rather than grow our own produce, we have proactively decided to support local growers in the community by sourcing our ingredients externally, as a way to provide opportunities to smallholders in Urubamba and the surrounding countryside.

Executive Chef Nacho Selis masterminds operations, overseeing a menu that pays homage to the rich, wide-ranging flavours of the Sacred Valley using traditional Andean cooking techniques and ingredients.

Trout ceviche and carpaccio, fished in rivers nearby, traditional stews and salads, our famous lomo saltado and pork belly chicharrones are just a few of the mouth-watering dishes available at Wayra, along with hearty sandwiches, pasta and rice dishes for those who have worked up an appetite exploring the Sacred Valley.

Drinks at Wayra

Our in-house sommelier works closely with Chef Nacho to cleverly pair Old and New World wines from our expansive wine cellar with the seasonal dishes of the day.

The Wayra bar is packed with wines, beers and spirits to satisfy even the most discerning palate, whilst the array of cocktails is impressive.


This is a wonderful opportunity for guests to take part in an ancient, symbolic dining ritual celebrating the cycle of life.

Traditional Andean meats – lamb, pork and chicken, alpaca and guinea pig – accompanied by local vegetables in abundance, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, plantains, beans and corn, are buried in an earthen oven dug deep in to the ground.

Pacha is the Quechuan word for earth, while manka means pot; the food is covered in hot stones and plantain leaves and left to cook slowly for several hours. The ritual symbolises returning the food to Mother Earth’s belly before it is consumed, in honour of Pachamama, the Incan goddess of fertility.

This quintessentially Andean banquet can be recreated for groups of up to eight guests, for either lunch or dinner.

The Wine Cellar

The cosy, underground wine cellar at Wayra can be booked for dinner for private groups of up to 14.

The antique dining table is laid with hand-embroidered linens, china, silverware and roses from the gardens – subterranean sanctuary perfect for an intimate evening with friends. The food served is a bespoke menu of seasonal dishes prepared and overseen personally by Chef Nacho, accompanied by a selection of fine wines carefully curated by our sommelier.

Peruvian Paso horse show

Sol y Luna hosts a daily two hour demonstration showcasing the talents of our resident Peruvian Pasos, horses that combine the best of the Berber, Arabic and Andalusian breeds.

All of our horses have grown up at the Wayra ranch, lovingly cared for by our gauchos. They move with a mesmerizing, gentle gait, performing to the rhythm of the Marinera, a traditional Peruvian dance; a spellbinding spectacle that showcases the skills of both our horses and riders.

Guests are also welcome to come down to Wayra at any time to see the horses in their stables and corral, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the ranch.

Chef’s Table Cooking Class

Sol y Luna guests are cordially invited to a two hour cooking class; a culinary extravaganza and an opportunity for true cultural and gastronomic immersion, offered for up to ten budding chefs at a time.

Guests create a sumptuous three-course menu, exploring the colours, aromas and tastes of Peru, while keeping themselves suitably refreshed with freshly mixed Pisco Sours.

Let Chef Nacho educate you on the bountiful Sacred Valley, the lush, fertile land used to produce countless ingredients since pre-Incan times. Often referred to as the region’s breadbasket, the Incas built plenty of agricultural terraces here to produce a wealth of ingredients, including thousands of types of potatoes, red and white corn, quinoa and yuca, amongst many others.

Once the dishes are prepared, explore the Sacred Valley with your tastebuds and enjoy the fruits of your labour at our intimate chef’s table. Bon appetite!

Theatre presentation

The Sacred Valley’s Cusi Wasi theatre company takes to the terrace at Wayra to deliver Andean Gods, a dramatic production demonstrating the legends and lore of Andean civilization.

The true vivacity of Quechuan culture is delivered through energetic acrobatics, stirring music and striking iconography. Expect flamboyant colour and costumes, great plumes of smoke and epic light and sound displays.

Taste of Peru

It’s a fine art knowing how to combine egg white, sugar syrup, lime, Pisco and Angostura bitters into Peru’s celebrated national cocktail, the Pisco Sour. This culinary demonstration shares the secret to getting it absolutely right, before local favourites such as ceviche, duo de ocopas (a minty sauce originally from Arequipa and now well-known across Peru) and quinoa soup are whipped up before guests’ eyes, before finishing with a famous Andean lomo saltado.

Whether you’d like to take your turn with the chef’s knife, or simply watch on to learn about some of Peru’s classic dishes, it’s a fascinating spectacle, offering participants plenty of opportunities to try their hand and take some authentic Peruvian cooking expertise back home with you.

Pizza Night

Our ever-popular pizza nights let guests of all ages create their own pizzas from scratch using our hand-painted, wood-fired ovens under the tutelage of our chef, all in the dreamy setting of the Wayra terrace.

Don a chef’s hat and apron, take your pick from an enticing range of toppings, and let your creativity take hold to produce your very own bespoke pizza.

To the Terrace

Wayra occupies a stunning position in the Sol y Luna grounds. The restaurant features an expansive terrace which spills onto lush lawns, providing the ideal backdrop for a host of cultural shows laid on for guests. Relax in the fresh Andean air with a sundowner and a platter of appetizers, watching on as the entertainment unfolds.

Traditional Andean weaving demonstration

A group of talented local weavers gather regularly in Wayra’s gardens to demonstrate the ancient art of textile production, a process largely unchanged since the time of the Inca.

From painstakingly untangling natural wool fibres, to spinning and colouring the thread using natural dyes made from roots, herbs and flowers, this is a time-honoured tradition firmly rooted in the Sacred Valley.

Pottery workshop

Pottery-making has existed in the Sacred Valley for millennia. Local potters run three hour workshops at Wayra, demonstrating how pottery design and production has evolved over the years. Guests are invited to learn this traditional art under the guidance of these talented artisans, and will take home the piece they create as a keepsake from their trip to Peru.

To find out more about Hotel Sol y Luna, and the wealth of activities available at Wayra, please do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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