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Peruvian Paso – the fifth gait

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle” – Winston Churchill


There is a particular bond that horses and their handlers share – a mutual trust, understanding and a connection that few other animals enjoy with their human companions. Perhaps it comes from the unique role horses have played in the journey of man – after all, they say the history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse, and horses have accompanied men, and women, on many of their most heroic and powerful endeavours.

The fifth gait

Peruvian Pasos have been bred in the country since the age of the Conquistadors. Known the world over for their even temperament and endurance, as well as a comfortable ride and particularly smooth gait, these horses were bred to traverse the wide open grasslands and plantations of the uplands and the arid deserts of the south.

The Sol y Luna stables

Our traditional stables are home to a dozen of the finest Peruvian Pasos, born and bred on site and tended to by a team of dedicated stable hands. Traditional, wood-framed buildings with white-washed walls, the stables are home to our horses, but also a place where guests can come to explore and enjoy the peace and calm.


Horses have played an important part in Peruvian culture since the first arrived with Francisco Pizarro in 1531. Over the years, horses recognised for their endurance, strength and character were selectively bred, giving rise to the Peruvian Paso we know today.

Wayra, the Sol y Luna Ranch

Our ranch, Wayra, is home to a dozen of these beautiful Pasos. Visit the stables and enjoy our evening shows from the restaurant terrace, where our riders and their mounts show off their remarkable horsemanship in a choreographed dance on the expansive lawns.

A hotel to remember

Hotel Sol y Luna has 43 rooms spread throughout 25-acre gardens, filled with humming birds, butterflies and bougainvillea.

It is the only Relais & Chateaux hotel in Peru’s Sacred Valley and is the ideal base for exploring the surrounding area and Machu Picchu. With various excursions on offer, as well as a spa, boutique, pool and jacuzzi, guests are free to spend their days as busy or as tranquil as they wish.

Out and about – exploring Peru’s sacred valley with Sol y Luna  
Machu Picchu is open again – when are you coming?  

The name Footprint originally came from our newsletter and we decided to use it for the Sol y Luna blog as well. Footprint fits well with the concept of Sol y Luna: our hotel was founded to support the local community. Leave footprints of kindness wherever you go.


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