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Supporting the Children of the Sol y Luna Home

Founded in 2018, the Sol y Luna Home is an orphanage that provides a loving and safe home for Peruvian children who have been victims of abuse or abandonment.

Click here to see the 2022 Sol y Luna Home fundraising campaign.

Jose Luis sleeps in his own bed for the first time after moving into a room at the Sol y Luna Home with his younger brother, Juan Carlos.

There are currently 16 children living at the Sol y Luna Home in Peru’s Sacred Valley, two of whom have special needs.

Juan Carlos and Panchito learn daily tasks to help around the home.

All the children at the Sol y Luna Home come from troubled backgrounds and many have suffered deeply. Step by step, we help them grow in confidence and self belief.

At mealtimes, we all sit around the table living like a family and learning to share.

We provide a family atmosphere and help the children learn, play and trust again.

As well as learning to co-habit as a family, the children learn to play.

We have an annual campaign to cover the essential costs at the Sol y Luna Home. These include:

– Food and cooking supplies
– Cleaning equipment 
– Bed linen 
– Books and toys 
– Staff wages

In April 2022, we created this short film with filmmaker and photographer, Torazza Gazzone. It is a micro-documentary following the story of brothers Jose Luis and Juan Carlos who escaped hardship and became part of the Sol y Luna family at the beginning of 2022.

The children of the Sol y Luna Home with founder, Petit Miribel.

Please help us continue to provide a loving home for these children born into extreme poverty, many of whom have suffered maltreatment, neglect and abuse.

Just as it should be in a family, there are no limits to what we provide for the children of the Sol y Luna Home. All their needs are covered, including all meals, food, clothing, and other such essentials.

It is important to keep siblings together to maintain close family ties.

Jose Luis and Juan Carlos, as seen in the video above, now share a room with bunkbeds at the Sol y Luna Home. It is the first time they have had their own room.

Founder Petit spends time with the children showing them love and teaching them to be considerate to one another.

The children at the Sol y Luna Home come from some of Peru’s poorest communities. They need your help to ensure they have the essentials to live a healthy life with space to dream and hope for their futures.

Schools were closed for two years during the pandemic (from March 2020-March 2022). Our children are finally back in the classroom and their lives are returning to normality.

There are currently 163 children being educated at the Sol y Luna Intercultural School, among them the 16 children from the Sol y Luna Home.

You can make a difference to the lives of these deserving children. Every donation counts.

For more information, see our campaign to Support the children of the Sol and Luna Home.

“It all starts with love…” – Petit Miribel, founder of Hotel Sol y Luna and the Sol y Luna Foundation.

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The name Footprint originally came from our newsletter and we decided to use it for the Sol y Luna blog as well. Footprint fits well with the concept of Sol y Luna: our hotel was founded to support the local community. Leave footprints of kindness wherever you go.


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